The Lego Movie release date UK

The Lego Movie release date UKBelow you will find when does «The Lego Movie» will release in cinemas of UK and also when the DVD and Blu-ray of movie will become available. The Lego Movie is an upcoming animated movie by Warner Bros. which is based on popular building blocks. Directed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller, movie story thrusts an ordinary Lego figure Emmet, mistakenly taken as the MasterBuilder who is then recruited to fight against an evil Lego Tyrant who wants to destroy the universe by gluing it together.

Theatrical release dates:

US: February 7, 2014

UK: February 14, 2014

Australia: April 3, 2014

Estimated DVD release date:  June-July, 2014

Plot summary: Emmet (Chris Pratt) is an ordinary Lego figure, who is mistakenly thought as the MasterBuilder who can save the universe. He starts his quest with tough young lady named Lucy and Batman. The Lego Movie is a Stop motion movie and comes into comedy-adventure category.

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