Google Glass release date UK – Price & features

Google Glass release dateGoogle’s wearable computing device Google Glass is one of the most anticipated devices scheduled to be released in near future. It is a wearable computer with a Head Mounted Display which can show you the direction, can capture photos and videos, can connect to internet and can understand voice commands. So basically Google is working on a next generation technology which will change the way we do activities in this world. It will provide the capability to operate many services hands free with the use of eye gestures or voice commands.

Release date in UK : Google Glass was first expected to release in last of 2013 but now it is more likely to release in spring 2014.

Expected released date: Spring, 2014

Price: Expected price of Google Glass is £1000- £1200.

Google Glass price in UK

Technical specifications

  • OS: Android 4.0.4
  • CPU: OMAP 4430
  • RAM: 682MB
  • Camera: 5MP with 720p video recording
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, Wi-fi


Integration with existing services: Google Glass is capable of using existing services like Google Play, Google+ and Gmail.

Photos & Videos: It can record live videos in 720p format and take photos at high resolution. Also you can share the videos and photos online.

Hands free: It is a hands free wearable device and can do most of the work with voice commands like if you want to make a search query on Google then you simply have to say

“”ok, glass, Google [search query].”

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