Cherry Mobile Skyfire 2.0 specs, price & features list

Cherry mobile skyfire 2.0Cherry Mobile’s official Facebook page has posted a photo of four Quad core devices Fusion Bolt, Flame 2.0, Fusion Fire and a fourth one whose name is blurred. Although name is blurred but according to many rumors and online sources the blurred text is “Skyfire 2.0″ with a visible tagline “Flying Once Again Soon”.

It is confirmed that it will have a Quad core processor which is better than it’s predecessor Skyfire phone.¬†Below is the list of confirmed and expected specs from Skyfire 2.0.

Expected price: about 8.5k

Processor: 1GHz Quad-core

OS: Android 4.1


Storage: 8GB

Battery: 2500mAh

Note: We will keep updating this page as soon as more information is announced by CM.

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