Fortnite (2013) release date UK

Fortnite is a co-op survival sandbox game first revealed at spike video game awards in 2011 by Epic games.Fortnite is currently in development and will run on Unreal Engine 4.Game basically seems to centered on fort building by day and by fight at night when monsters came out.

Fortnite release date UK

Release date in UK

Fortnite is scheduled to release in year 2013 in UK. Final release date of game is not out yet.

Fortnite video game


Game is about building forts in the day by collecting items and fighting with the monsters which came out at night to survive.Basically players will work together to scavenge items in the day to build fort and will fight at night to save the fort from monsters.


Developed by : Epic Games
Genre:Co-op survival Sandbox
Release date : TBA ( Expected in 2013)

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